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On a budget, but still want to experience a high quality Florida Keys fishing charter?

Look no further, my name is Capt. Ryan and I specialize in offering affordable/high quality fishing charters in the Upper Florida Keys(Key Largo, Tavernier and Key Largo).

I take extreme pride in offering a high end charter fishing experience at an affordable rate, no price gouging. It will be very tough to find another fishing charter in the Upper Keys that offers a high end fishing experience at very affordable rate that can match our first class gear, electronics and customized charter boats.

Good Karma does not work with a fishing mate, you will get to reel in your own fish which makes your experience so much more fun.

When you book with Good Karma Sportfishing you will not get a booking agent, I will be the one taking your reservation and taking you fishing for the day.

I like to target big fish and go the distance on every trip to find one or many! Check out our weekly reports for up to date information.

Good Karma offers private fishing charter trips (no open boat or split charters). We are limited to 4 People and do not carry a fishing mate.

I cater to all levels of fishing experience and work very hard at making sure your Florida Keys fishing charter is action packed and I especially enjoy working with beginning anglers and families from all over the world.

I look forward to fishing with you in the Florida Keys.

Tight Lines!

Capt. Ryan

Flat Rates 2018

Offshore or Reef Fishing

5 Hours: $600.00

7 Hours: $700.00

9 Hours: $800.00

*No fuel charges

*Multi day (booked) discount available - ask for details.

Florida Keys Fishing Reports

By Capt. Ryan

March 3rd 2018

The wind machine was up throughout the entire month of February. We had alot of cancelations due to small craft advisories, it laid down just in time for one of my favorite weeks of fishing, "The February Full Moon Phase". We put a hurt on wahoo! We caught 4 last week and lost 3(those fish have sore lips). Along with the Wahoo we caught several nice size King Mackerals, Blackfin Tunas, Mahi Mahi, and Mutton Snappers.

Had the guys from New Jersery fish a couple days with me last week. They put a hurt on the fish both days. The guys took only enough fish for dinner then donated the rest to the Marina workers at Tavernier Creek, now that is Good Karma!

Check out the guys from Boston! We had some nasty sea condtions and shark infested waters on our fishing trip,but these guys were die hard fisherman and it was the only day they could all go. 14 Year old Jacob was hooked up to a nice wahoo with his Uncle Jeff cheering him on. The wahoo shook the hook during the heat of the battle. Ric caught and released a Amberjack prior to opener on March 1st. Fun day despite some tough sea condtions, but not everyday is like you see it on the Outdoor Channel or YouTube shows.

Booking Information

Passengers: 1-4 passengers are welcome no extra fees

Booking and Cancelation Policy: We require a valid credit card to hold your charter, but we do not bill your card prior to the charter or withhold a deposit. If you cancel the night before the charter, morning of or do not show up the day of the fishing charter I will bill you the full amount of the charter.

Florida Keys Sailfishing with Good Karma

Good Karma does not penalize clients if we cancel due to the weather or mechanical issues. If the weather looks horrible and I will call you in well in advance to discuss your options. I will work to reschedule your charter, if it is not possible then I will cancel the charter with no penalty.

Tipping the Captain: A 20% tip is very much appreciated.

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Good Karma Sportfishing is sponsored by Xact Customs, THE premier SeaDek Certified Fabricator, and #1 source for custom SeaDek products! Our SeaDek Flooring offers Exceptional Traction which is perfect for fishing in rougher sea conditions as the flooring keeps you locked in place. The shock absorbing qualities are absolutely awesome!

High Gunnels for your Safety

Custom Open Cockpit and Bow for Fighting Big Fish!

Electric Reels for Deep Dropping and Kite Fishing

Windlass Anchor System

Spray Shields to Protect you from the Elements

The Absolute Best Garmin Electronics Depth Finding Systems

Electric Downrigger Systems


Over 30 Rod Holders

Yeti Coolers

Private Bathroom

Custom Built Bench Seating

Hooker Electric/Oxygen Infused Live Well Systems for Bait

Garmin Radar

Satellite Weather and Radio

Sailfish Goes Crazy! Good Karma Sportfishing

Solo Wahoo for Capt. Ryan

Florida Fish and Fish and Wildlife/NOAA Updates

  • Grouper (Re-Opens on May 1st 2018)
  • Hogfish: Due to overfishing the State and Federal Water (Re-Opens on May 1st 2018).
  • Mutton Snapper: Size limit has increased from 16 to 18 inches in State and Federal Waters off the Florida Keys.
  • Amberjack Atlantic Federal Waters: Closed Oct. 31-Feb. 28, 2018, reopening March 1, 2018
If you want to learn more about Florida Keys fishing season closures please visit: NOAA Federal Fishing Regulations By Fish Species South Atlantic

Good Karma Charters Florida Keys Vertical Jig Tuna Fishing

Good Karma Mutton Snappers!

German Tuna Roll Part 1

German Tuna Roll Part 2

"Hook and Cook"

I highly recommend having your catch cooked at Habanos On The Creek. They will treat you right! Just bring your fish in to the resturant and let them know you fished with Capt. Ryan for the day. The resturant is located dockside at Tavernier Creek Marina.

Fish and Dive Packages

Conch Republic Divers


90800 Overseas Hwy Ste 9, Tavernier, FL 33070

(305) 852-1655

If you are looking for a outstanding dive adventure while you are visiting the Florida Keys then I highly recommend Conch Republic Divers. They have a very good safety record and take care of their clients. They are best in the Upper Keys.

Some of the best diving in the Key Largo area. Conch Republic Divers are located in the Upper Florida Keys in Tavernier, which is just South of Key Largo and North of Islamorada. Running out of Tavernier Creek Marina, we cover over 24 miles of reef line giving us access to all the best reef and wreck diving from Key Largo to Islamorada.

They dive dive sites along the main reef line as well as numerous shallow patch reefs. This includes Molasses Reef, Pickles Reef, the Conch Reef System, Davis, Crocker, Victory, and many, many others. Most of these are within 20 to 50 minutes of our dock

Swimming with Mahi Mahi! Watch for the Big Bull!

Chris' Bait and Tackle

Hours 7:00 AM-5:00 PM

Located at Tavernier Creek Marina


Chris' Bait and Tackle also has a wide selection of boat maintenance, accessory products, Coast-Guard required safety items and many other boat necessities. Chris' Bait and Tackle now sells fishing licenses. The bait and tackle is stocked with breakfast items, sandwiches, candy bars, chips, ice cream, sodas, beer wine, bottled water and ice.

Lodging Recommendations

Creekside Inn


Creekside Inn Islamorada resort near Key Largo and Tavernier offers perfect family vacation getaway for couples, families at affordable rates.

Island Bay Resort


The Island Bay Resort hotel is centrally located in Tavernier between Key Largo and Islamorada


Many of my clients are having great success with Airbnb in Key Largo, FL after Hurricane Irma! I highly recommend checking it out. Vist the link below and find a place to stay.


Frequently Asked Questions and Policies

What should I leave behind?
No illegal drugs. There is a ZERO TOLERANCE FOR DRUGS per USCG rules. Any use of illicit drugs will terminate the charter and full charter price will be retained and the Coast Guard will be notified, No Bananas, its considered bad luck. I have a strict " No Bad Attitude Policy", Good Karma is all about "Good Karma".

How much should I tip?
A 20% gratuity is greatly appreciated. Tipping in cash is appreciated.

Take Every Possible Precaution to Prevent Seasickness

Highly recommend taking a motion sickness pill, such as Dramamine the night before you go to bed, then in the morning before you get on board. All the local pharmacies carry them, as well as patches for advanced cases. It needs to be in your blood system. If you take Dramamine right before you get on the boat it will do nothing for you, but make you sick and very sleepy. The directions on the box do not work!


We offer the best tackle available on the market today to our clients for use on the charter. We have limited space for extra rods/reels so please ask before bringing your own tackle. Clients are responsible for payment of rods and reels if they dropped in the water due to mishandling or negligence.

How do I book a trip with you?

Once you have decided on a date(s) and type of trip you’d like, you can call us at 305-619-2126, or email us at goodkarmaryan@gmail.com for availability.

How do I pay for the trip?

We prefer cash. We are unable to accept personal checks. If you wish to pay by credit card, you are welcomed to do so.

What happens if the weather is bad?
Sometimes fishing in not so ideal weather conditions can help the fishing. Safety is our #1 priority and we cannot control the weather. We will be in touch with you if your trip needs to be changed.

Do I need a fishing license to fish on your boat?
No. All passengers are covered under our recreational charter boat license.

What do I need to bring for my trip?

Sun block, hat, sunglasses and light colored clothes are suggested for the summer months. Warmer clothes in the winter months. Any food and beer, wine, liquor, or soft drinks you would like for duration of the trip. We highly recommend bringing extra water; especially during the peak of summer in Florida Keys. Please wear comfortable sneakers, rubber fishing boots or deck shoes that won’t be slippery on the boat. I do not recommend sandles as all fish have "teeth".

Can I bring alcoholic beverages aboard?
You are welcome to bring beer, wine and liquor and consume in moderation. We have a cooler on the boat for your beverages.

What time do we leave?

If you are a morning person and/or like to get back to you can have the rest of the day the early morning trip is for you. If you like to sleep in a bit and/or want to see the sunset the later morning trip is for you. There is flexibility so please just ask us about it.

Good Karma is a Banana Free Boat

Why No Bananas?

"Banana Superstition"

Published in Boaters World Magazine

There are many stories why bananas have been thought of as bad luck on boats. This is only one of the nautical superstitions that I know of and is particularly prevalent amongst watermen. Many stories have banana oil rubbing off on ones hands and “spooking" the fish; therefore the fish don't bite. There is always the story of a crew member slipping on the banana peel left on the deck. Some say that bananas give you the runs so you are always in the marine head and can't catch fish because you are busy "draining the pipes". Many other stories are told about bad luck and bananas, however the one that I find most plausible is a historical one.

Back in the days of the transatlantic crossings by wooden sailing ships many hazards would befall the captains, crew and passengers. Disease, pirates, shipwrecks, storms, etc., claimed the lives of a good percentage of the captains, crew and passengers attempting the dangerous voyage. Needless to say, a transatlantic crossing in the 17th and 18th centuries was a very risky endeavor. Often the vessels would stop along the way in tropical islands to gather provisions such as food and water. There the passengers and crew would often purchase wooden crates of bananas from the locals and bring them aboard the ship. These crates would have all manner of critters in them such as bugs, spiders, vermin and snakes.

These critters would make their way into the bilges of the ships, multiply, and then find their way into the captain's quarters. The captains circulated the rumor that bananas were bad luck in an attempt to keep the critters off the ship and out of their cabin.

Watermen are a mysterious lot. While we are known for our simple pragmatism, we also have many odd quirks. Superstitions have been prevalent on almost every vessel I have worked on. I feel that this is due to the nature of a waterman in that he sees the randomness of the world around him juxtaposed with the rhythmic, seasonal flows of nature and then tries to reconcile these observations into some sort of personal and/or environmental order. As Stevie Wonder (a blind man) pointed out so eloquently: "When you believe in things you can't understand, that's superstition".