Fishing the Islamorada Hump

Our offshore trip begins just beyond the the Florida Keys reefline, which is only a 5 mile boat ride from our location at Tavernier Creek Marina. A real treat is to experience fishing the Florida Keys along the Hump line. A 50-mile stretch from Key Largo to Marathon hold 4 Humps that rise above the sea floor creating a haven for many migratory marine animals and pelagics like mahi mahi (dolphin), wahoo, amberjack, blackfin tuna, billfish and other gamefish which come to feed on the smaller fish and sealife.

The Islamorada Hump (“The Hump”) is a very popular fishing spot in the upper Florida Keys. “The Hump” is a large underwater mountain (seamount), that projects upward. The ocean current collides with the mountain and creates a nice upwelling that traps baitfish which attracts predators. The Isamorada Hump rises to within 290ft from the surface. When arriving at the hump just the site of the current rips, the big tunas crashing the surface eating flying fish and birds working over the top of them get your adrenaline pumping!

Below are a couple of photos from fishing "The Hump" with film and television star Kyle Chandler who was down here filming Netflix's Bloodline. Kyle is most famous for playing the coach on NBC's Friday Night Lights. Great day and we filled the box.

Listed are GPS Coordinates for finding the most popular "Humps" off the Florida Keys.

Key Largo Hump GPS: 25-00.66' N; 80-16.8'W

Islamorada Hump GPS: 24-48.18' N; 80-26.67' W

409 Hump GPS: 24-35.5' N; 80-35.5' W

The problem with this fishing "The Hump" is the “traffic jam” of boats. I tend to fish this spot on days when I know the traffic will be light. If we do fish it on a busy day, we are drifting live bait and vertical jigging as this is the safest and most effective way to fish a “traffic jam”. The place needs a Fish and Game cop on most weekends to direct boat traffic.

Big Amberjack Client Caught on a Vertical Jig Fishing the Hump