During the month of July in the Florida Keys we typically see spectacular weather and awesome offshore dolphin fishing.  However, the weather and the dolphin fishing was very inconsistent through July so I did not take many clients offshore dolphin fishing.  Then the weather shifted in August and the offshore Dolphin fishing was awesome!

We will see the same schools of dolphin that are migrating through Keys today migrate back our way later this fall as they head back south. Sailfish, Blackfin Tuna, Wahoo, and Kingfish will migrate back with the Dolphin Sept-December. I also highly recommend booking a fall trip if you like to fish for groupers and snappers.  Grouper season closes Jan 1st.  If you have been following my posts you can tell I have been catching a lot of Black Groupers.

We did have lull in the action around the August full moon, mostly due to the weather.  Dolphin travel 45-50 miles per day, so do the math.

During the August full moon the fish were a little hard to come by. Boats were striking out with smaller fish offshore, but with a strong easterly and harding running current to the north I changed it up and hunted for them nearshore and found them in good numbers, all nice gaffers and slammer size fish. The rest of the fleet was out of 20 miles while we enjoyed catching them with no other boats in sight, just 7 miles from land!  We watched boats buzz by us all day, I like when that happens.

We spent one day vertical jigging the Islamorada Hump for Black Fin Tunas and had great success, caught a bunch pretty easily, but we did have a pesky bull shark that would not leave us alone.  It was  “Easy Living Tuna Fishing” for 14 year old Ben and his dad Bruce.

On the reef,  the Black Grouper are starting to bite. Yellowtail fishing is picking up as well. 
On the deeper wrecks and rock piles the Vermilion Snappers and Yelloweye Snappers are great option for those looking to do some fun fishing. These fish taste great!


Fishing Forecast

We will see the same schools of dolphin that are migrating through Keys today, migrate back our way later this fall as they head back south. Along with the Dolphin, September-December will bring migrations of Sailfish, Blackfin Tuna, Wahoo, and Kingfish. For clients that like to bottom fish for groupers and snappers, I highly recommend booking a fall trip to target these species.

Offshore Fishing with our Seakeeper is a Game Changer!

Our new Rhodan 120volt trolling motor combined with our Seakeeper is the ultimate offshore fishing experience when it comes to dolphin fishing. I can troll the boat with a hand held remote keeping dolphin behind the boat while my clients cast to the fish. It’s truly incredible! Our Seakeeper keeps my clients stable. It is like fishing on a dock offshore. When we get on the dolphin we are catching them in good numbers with no fishing mate or tower.

We were at the Islamorada Hump a couple weeks ago. The ocean appeared to be “grease calm flat”. Then I noticed all the big sport fishers and large center consoles (including the big catamarans style boats which are now here in numbers) fishing the Islamorada hump were rocking “side to side”.

My clients thought we were just naturally stable as they did not believe the Seakeeper worked. So I shut the Seakeeper off. He believed me when our boat began violently rocking side to side in the ocean current and with a push of a button the “rock and roll” instantly stops. I am very lucky and blessed to have a Seakeeper installed for my clients. Even in calm conditions Seakeeper makes huge difference, not to mention it works very well when trolling and underway! Contact me if you are interested in more details.

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