Episode 015: How to Have the Best Small Boat Outrigger Set Up for Offshore Trolling

In this podcast I talk about the Good Karma Outrigger setup and my journey to find a set up that works for my fishing style from a 24ft center console. I walk you through the journey from the beginning to the present day outrigger set up and which brands I recommend.  I talk about the how I use outriggers to fish “heavy cover” and keep my baits weed free. Outriggers serve many purposes other than spreading baits, so tune in and listen. If rigged correctly you can fish outriggers similar to kites and catch more fish.

Below is my current Outrigger Set-Up

Outrigger Line

I have tried it all and was never happy for various reasons until I made the switch to Spyderline Micro Dyneema Braid 1.8mm. The absolute best outrigger line I have used. Blows everything else out of the water. Highly recommend it.   I bought this at westmarine.com and it is $27.99

Outriggers Clips

Currently I am testing the new R2 Outrigger Clips by R&R Tackle . I will post a review here in few weeks after I have had a chance to use them more. Verdict is still out, let’s see if they make the cut. I bought them athttps://randrtackle.com and they cost $41.95 .


Highly recommend using Halocks. A halock keeps your outrigger line from “creeping.” I originally purchased the RUPP Halock mechanism from tackledirect.com, and was not happy. They broke only after a few trips so I do not recommending purchasing these.  I am now trying the original “Halock” from the guys that invented the it, Marine and Outdoor Products.  I bought it at https://www.gotomop.com/hal-lock/ and it costs $21.95. I will post up a review after I finish abusing it over the next couple months- wahoo and live bait fishing- so stay tuned.

Outriggers (Bases and Poles)
Grand Slam S280 Outrigger with 15ft poles by Taco.  They cost $1,191.44 and I bought them at West Marine.
Thanks for listening!  As always please email me at goodkarmaryan@gmail.com.  I will be doing a Q & A episode so please email me any questions.  And remember whenever you’re fishing “It’s All Good!”  Capt. Ryan