In this weeks podcast I talk about why I switched back to the wire on my electric downrigger set-up that I use for slow trolling live baits deep for wahoo and kingfish.

The secret is running to running wire on the downrigger is using a snubber as a tool to connect between the wire and the cannon ball. Also using good ball bearing swivels are the key to preventing the wire from twisting and kinking.

I purchased the Scotty No. 375 Sure Stop Pro for a 30″ Downrigger Boom on for $15.99.  The Sure Stop Pro Stubber turns off your electric downrigger at the same spot every time. It has a tuna cord that allows you to grab ahold of the cord so you can bring the 10lb lead ball over the side with ease. The snubber absorbs the shock, provides electrical insulation and it also helps prevent bottom snags. The extra tubing has been added by Scotty for protection against the abrasion in high wear areas.

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