In this podcast I talk about about how to make a better stinger rig for live baits like goggle eyes and blue runners for Wahoo and King Mackerel fishing.

Here is my recipe for Stinger Stiff Rig for Kingfish and Wahoo using 18 lb. Black Cable Ties.  I created a video on youtube and have a photo….also these instructions will be in the show notes but am going to walk you thru it now so you can just listen.  Any questions feel free to email me.

1st- Cut a 8-10 inch piece of #6 wire.

Then- Tie the hook of your choice to the wire using standard haywire twist and barrel wrap technique (you can look it up on youtube and practice at home).

Check out the short YouTube video for a detailed image of the stinger rig. I demonstrate how to rig a live goggle eye in this video. Just click on the link below.

How to Make a Live Bait Stinger Rig for Wahoo and King Fish

Next- Cut a small piece of #7 wire sized appropriately for the size of the bait you are using as for the stinger. Haywire twist and barrel wrap a treble hook or j-hook (size of hook depends on the size of bait you are using).

Haywire Twist and barrel wrap the opposite end of the stinger with the treble hook through the J-Hook. Very important that you make sure the wire stays on the opposite side of the eye of the hook.

Then finally pull the stinger wire back along the shank of the hook. Hold it snug against the shank and tie a small black cable tie around the hook and stinger hook. Cut the tag in off the cable tie. See photo in my show notes.

Make sure you use a black cable tie that matches the color hooks your using. Most live baits have a little bit of black color in the nostril and have black pupils so the cable tie and black hook blends in with baits.

Hook the j-hook through the baits nostrils and lay the stinger tight alone the body of the bait. Insert or two barbs of the treble into the body of the bait fish.

The cable tie stiff rig lays snug against the back of bait and the wire blends in with the back of the bait making it tough for the fish to see. The bait also swims perfectly using this rig and helps prevent the bait from fouling. The black cable tie keeps the stinger from swinging around, fouling the bait and helps drive the stinger rig into the mouth of Kingfish fish and keeps it set especially if the fish hooked in side.

How to Make a Stinger Rig for Wahoo

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