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In this podcast I reveal the “Crystal Hair” lure trade secret. I talk about a captain in the Carolinas who got me started with trolling Sea Witches.  And also how I now found Wild Willy Sea Witches and why I use them over all other brands on the market today.

Take pride in what you put in the water and fish will reward you. Don’t believe me? Try it out.

Wild Willy’s Sea Witches are special.  Do I feel color matters, yes, but that is an entirely different podcast.

So here are my lure recommendations and believe me you won’t find to many Captains sharing this intel. This is my way of giving back, like Capt. Phil did for me.

Below are my absolute favorite Sea Witches by Wild Willy.  You can order the same sea witches I use through his facebook page

 Spring and Summer Marlin and Slammer Dolphin

 Green Lantern-Ugly Step Child

Florida Keys Fishing Lures for Mahi, Tuna, Wahoo and Sailfish

I only use this which on when the time is right. I have only caught Slammer Dolphin and Marlin on this Sea Witch never a fish under 40 lbs.

Slammer Dolphin and Wahoo

Blue/Crystal Orange Head-Super Glow Strips and Tinsel Flash. Just order it. Enough Said

Best Lure for Dolphin, Tuna and Wahoo in the Florida Keys

Large Wahoo

Red/Black Orange Head-Super Glow Strips with Tinsel Flash

Below are Pictures of Colors I like to use from time to time that are tied by Wild Willy.


One of the best lure colors for dolphin fishing

Dolphin Fishing Lures

All my Sea Witches are rigged over Ballyhoo I caught or purchased from Bad Ass Baits https://badassbait.comYou can literally pull Bad Ass Bait Ballyhoo all day before the start to wash out. The Brine they use is top notch and they really take care of the their ballyhoo.

My sage advice- quit buying crap Sea Witches or any other lures that fall apart after one fish. It is your choice to buy cheap shit, but I guarantee the guy that has Willys lures will out fish yours on tough days. Take pride in your lures that you use, take care of them and they will reward you over time. Just saying…