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How to Catch Wahoo Using an Electric Reel and Bent Butt as a Downrigger for Slow Trolling Live Bait.


On my first drift I marked a large large bait ball(see image below).

I took a picture of the bait ball with my cell phone on this particular trip as I do on nearly all my fishing trips and saved the image so I could add it to my fishing log for historical reference. Right after I took this picture all hell broke loose. I scored Sailfish, King Fish and got 2 of my target species which were the Wahoo all on the deep baits run off my downriggers that day.

Like I mentioned earlier I only had one electric downrigger with me that day, but I had intentions of going deep dropping later in the day so I had my electric reel set-up with me. I wanted to get another live bait set deep so I could capitalize on the bite, but I did not bring my other downrigger so I converted my the deep drop set-up over to a live bait downrigger.


Below is Rob with nice Queen Snapper he caught while fishing me aboard Good Karma


Wahoo Caught of the Deep Drop Reel Converted to Downrigger for Slow Trolling Live Baits


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