The Ballyhoop

Booth 337 Sportfishing Pavilion

Last fall I started seeing the Ballyhoop all over Instagram and the You Tube. Genius idea to make a collapsible hoop net and market it to the recreational fisherman that has never seen or heard of a hoop net. I purchased a Ballyhoop earlier in winter.  I did have a problem with the net when it arrived, my wife emailed them a photo and they quickly called her back and they had new net delivered within a day or so. The customer service is awesome. They have a booth at Miami Boat Show this year so I would highly recommend you stop by and check out the Ballyhoop. If you are on the fence about purchasing one, just buy one, they work. Hoop nets have been around for ever. They were a well kept secret by the charter fleet for many years.  I bought my first one from a local guy in down here years ago.

Reflex Plus Marine Flooring by Xact Customs

Booth C486 C Tent

ReflexPLUS is your best choice for durability, comfort and adhesion. Denser material is able to withstand the toughest abuse, and allows them to achieve detail work that is unmatched in the industry! Seamless designs are now an option and Xact Customs can give your boat a truly unique look. Combine all this with a warranty that includes adhesion,and the answer is clear, ReflexPLUS is the BEST floor you can put on your boat! Listen to my podcast and learn a little more about how Xact Customs cut my first marine flooring deck, which was SeaDek.

Stay tuned for a future podcast as I will talk more about Reflex Plus Visit


Slips 776 and 199 on the Water

The Seakeeper is a computer controlled gyroscope that eliminates most boat roll, including the fatigue, anxiety, and seasickness that go with it. Typically, the Seakeeper weighs between 2% – 4% of boat weight. If you thinking about buying a Seakeeper now is the time to schedule a demo with them at the Miami Boat Show. Hard to believe that is has been nearly year now since I took my first ride on a boat with a Seakeeper. I was sold that day and Seakeeper changed my life as working charter boat captain in the Florida Keys.

Make sure you are checking back through the show notes, I just recently updated Episode 021: How to Fish the Florida Keys Patch Reefs/Shallow Reefs. I included 2 free Florida Keys GPS spots, an example of a the new Strikeline Charts 3D Map of the Florida Keys patch reefs off of Key Largo, a detailed description of the tackle set-ups I use and the type of water quality I prefer for patch reef fishing.

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