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The seas off of Key Largo, Tavernier and Islamorada have been fairly calm for early  June.  However, we are starting to feel the “El Nino 2019” summer heat in the air.  The water temperature has crossed into the high 80’s and is even creeping into the low 90’s.  In my opinion conditions couldn’t be better, the hotter it gets the better the fishing gets.

Fishing Key Largo for Mutton Snappers

Eric and his Boys with a Big Mutton Snapper 

Preparing for a Key Largo, Tavernier or Islamorada Fishing Charter?

Aside from bringing a hat and sunscreen, here are 2 things people seem to be forgetting.  These 2 things are most important aside from a good attitude and being nice to your captain or mate…

Purchase a Pair of Polarized Glasses Before You Go On a Fishing Charter

Make sure you purchase good polarized eye wear.  My recommendation for clients to purchase a pair of Flying Fisherman Glasses. They are located Tavernier! They are affordable and kick butt! Visit their Tavernier showroom at:

171 Hood Ave. Unit 2

Tavernier, Florida 33070

Also I recommend Blue Tinted Lenses for offshore fishing so you can see the fish in the ocean. Make sure your kids have good polarized eyewear to prevent headaches and sickness.

Even if your kids don’t like to wear sunglasses or hats, please make sure you do your best to help prevent them from getting sick.

Do Your Absolute Best to Prevent Seasickness-

It Can Ruin Your Fishing Trip

The Good Karma is equipped with a Seakeeper 2 which does help prevent motion sickness, but you must take every possible precaution.  Even in the summer when the forecast calls for flat seas you can still get sick. The ocean rolls and there is nothing a captain can do about an ocean swell.Best to listen to the Captain of any charter as they are on the water a lot more than the client, in all types of sea conditions. Conditions change daily and sometimes hourly.

Here is what I recommend:

  • Do not eat a greasy breakfast. No eggs from McDonalds some of my last guests.
  • No hangovers!!!  Monitor your partying the night before.  The ocean will punish you if you hungover.   It is not fun.
  • Bonine seems be working for most clients over Dramamine the night before the charter. Recommend taking the seasickness pill of your choice the night before, the drug will get into your blood stream and actually work. If you take it the the morning before, it may or may not work.
  • Do not eat Bananas the morning before the charter.  They will make you sick and don’t bring them on my boat.  Yes I am superstitious and I don’t care what other captains say.
  • If you are prone to seasickness go to the doctor and get a prescription.  If you are really prone to seasickness, you tried the tips and they didn’t help you- I would recommend a backcountry fishing charter.  The Good Karma does not offer backcountry fishing trips.

Also please read all the rules and regulations prior to booking a charter with Good Karma Sportfishing.

Young kids are very susceptible to seasickness and heat so please do your best to help your kids have a great day on the water getting them prepared.

Key Largo, Tavernier and Islamorada Fishing Update

Late June in my opinion is the absolute best time for Dolphin, Groupers and Mutton Snapper fishing off Key Largo, Tavernier and Islamorada.

Dolphin/Mahi Mahi Fishing

If you book a dolphin charter you must have patience and be in it to win it.  When we go offshore- “once we are out there, we are out there”.   Be prepared for the heat and bright sun.

Key Largo Fishing Charters

Young Trey with his First Dolphin!

My last few trips offshore I have found the bigger dolphin and tunas are falling for skipping fresh dead Ballyhoo rigged.   This works best when there is no wind.

Dolphin Fishing Key Largo

Kelsey with her Very First Dolphin

There are a lot of baby dolphin around and the big ones eat the skipping ballyhoo while the small ones eat artificial lures.  It is an adrenaline rush to watch a big dolphin attack a skipping ballyhoo off of the outriggers.

Black Fin Tuna Key Largo, Tavernier and Islamorada

Nice Blackfin Tuna

Over the last couple weeks we had a couple really big fish crash on the skipping ballyhoo.  It is a heart stopper to watch this happen.  So far we have had to settle for the 20 to 30 pounder dolphin and a few nice gaffers. The smaller schoolies we are catching on live pilchards. I will keep rigging them and skipping ’em all summer into the fall.  I know there will be a monster bull or big marlin eat my special rigged ballyhoo skipping the surface in the near future.

Dolphin Fishing Charters

Snapper and Grouper

We are getting them, but you have to be willing to leave the dock at 30 minutes before the sun comes up. If we get lucky we will have a little cloud cover.

Key Largo Fishing Grouper

The bite shuts off mid morning. I have been also running mid-afternoon into the evening charters.

How to Catch Yellowtail Snapper

These have been producing big bottom fish like the Black Groupers. We caught 2 nice Black Groupers yesterday.

Key Largo Fishing Forecast through July 4

I will be targeting black groupers using heavy tackle along the deep edges of the reef along with large Mutton Snappers on my reef and wreck fishing charters.  We will see more dolphin pushing through. We can target dolphin on nice days, but the sea conditions must be nice for a dolphin trip. Through July 4th, we will have few larger size Blackfin Tunas swimming through.  Large summertime King Fish will begin pushing through as well. I use titanium wire rigs in the summer months for King Fish. Offshore we have a chance for a Blue Marlin in July.

Amberjack on Light Tackle

Mangrove Snappers will be on the reef in a couple of weeks so we will be targeting them rather than Yellowtails. July is the slowest month for Yellowtail Snapper.

Mutton and Yellowtail Snapper Fishing Key LargoWho knows, they may or may not bite in July.  The Fishing Gods will determine. Red Groupers and Mutton Snappers move back out to the deep water locations after the spawn is over.

Key Largo Reef Fishing

African Pompano

If you’re an “Instagram Fisherman” or “Facebook Fisherman” or waiting for my fishing reports or weather updates, I highly recommend just going with your “instinct” like a good angler does and just plan a fishing trip. “Cyberfishing” and “High Expectations” can only burn you.

Family Fun Key Largo Fishing Red Grouper Fishing

The guys that have the best luck fishing with me just plan a fishing trip and let me take care of the rest and I appreciate that!

Yellowtail Snapper Key Largo Fishing

Thank you for taking the time and reading my fishing report.

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Capt. Ryan
Good Karma Sportfishing