Key Largo fishing has been very good of late and getting better by the week.  Seas conditions have been fairly calm for early May and the water is warming up very quickly.

Florida Keys Live Bait for Mutton Snappers

Theresa did an Awesome Job!

While bottom fishing I have been seeing numerous peanut size Dolphin. Dolphin need to be 18 inches to the fork of the tail to keep per the FWC law.  The fish I seen were all undersize, but still this is awesome sign! Signs of life especially when I see numerous dolphin is always a good thing.

Matt with his African Pompano

Wiley Always Brings the Good Karma! Nice Mutton Snapper

The Dolphin Research Program ( publishes a once month dolphin report, it is an overall summary of the migration pattern.  The April report indicated that the Mahi Mahi schools traveled the Bahama route this spring, more than likely due to the late season cold fronts we had in the Florida Keys.

Phil with his Mutton Snapper

Fishing Tips for Mutton Snappers

Jacob and long time Client Bobby with a Table Full of Mutton Snappers. Nice Job Guys!

The Dolphin are “thick” this year in the Bahamas. Last year it was the middle to late June before dolphin fishing became “easy living fishing” in the Florida Keys for the fishing charters. Most the charters are bottom fishing until the bite offshore picks up.

Grouper Season is Open! Nice Red Grouper

Next week I will be running further offshore to hunt dolphin. I really do love to dolphin fish, but it requires major patience and a hunting mentality this early in the dolphin fishing season.

Couple of good trips with Wiley and Phil. These Guys Love Bottom Fishing!

Repeat Key Largo Fishing Charter Client Gary with his First African Pompano

I tell my clients you gotta be in to win it when you run offshore 15 plus miles to hunt for dolphin, dolphin fishing is not, they don’t get delivered to boat with a push of a button and no guarantees. I recommend a full day for dolphin fishing, you will need to be very lucky to catch one on a half day charter.  Dolphin have fins and they like to swim, just because we get them one day does not mean they will be there the next day.

Key Largo Fishing Charters African Pompano

Theresa with her First African Pompano

Table Full of Mutton Snappers, Red Groupers and a African Pompano for the Newlyweds! Congratulations Matt and Madison!


Yellowtail Snapper and Mutton Snapper Fishing

Since my last fishing report clients have caught numerous delicious tasting  Mutton Snappers, African Pompano, Groupers and Porgies. We have also released several Amberjacks, Kingfish, American Red Snappers, Sharks and Porgies.

Grouper Fishing

Grouper Season is Open!

Thank you to all my new and returning clients that fished with me over the past few weeks.

Pedro, Bernardo and Kevin always bring the Good Karma. Nice Haul Guys! Mutton Snappers and Yellowjacks.

Big Yellowjack! Delicious!

Young Aiden Getting the Yellowtail Snappers!

1 of 2 Red Groupers for Matt

Key Largo Mutton Snapper

Mutton Snappers and Red Groupers

Mutton Snapper Fishing Tips for Key Largo

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