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In this podcast are instructions on how to rig a ballyhoo. I talk about my style of rigging and provide a how to rig a ballyhoo video.

Below are Ballyhoo Rigging Materials that I personally use.

Main Line

All my reels are spooled with Momoi Hi-Catch Diamond Line 40lb. Blue Color the only monofilament line I trust and I have tried all the brands.  Last fall I experimented with Jinkae Mono as it was supposed to be the best on the market and I was not happy with it. I purchased the 2 spools from a reputable online retailer and found both spools to have bad spots in the line, I could break the 40lb. just by tugging on it with little effort. I returned both spools.


I have experimented with all types of hooks, but always come back to the Mustad  #8 3401-DT. I do not feel the size of the hook deters a strike or scares off the fish when trolling at speeds between 7-8 mph. It is very important that you sharpen these hooks before you use them.

Leader Line

5-6ft of 40lb. Momoi Diamond Presentation Flourocarbon Leader.

Constructing the Ballyhoo leader is very simple. I do not use crimps and never used a chin weight. 

I tie the leader directly to the eye of the hook using with an improved clinch knot then I attach a piece of wrap piece rigging wire (copper or Monel) to the eye of the hook. Done and have been doing it the same way for years. Never a problem.