Key Largo, Islamorada and Tavernier Fishing

Busy last few weeks thank you to all my new and returning clients that fished with me this past month. Remember if you want to keep up our daily catches and other news follow goodkarmasportfishing_fl_keys on instagram.

Catching Live Bait in the Florida Keys with the Ballyhoop

Over the past few weeks I have been using fresh dead live Ballyhoo for Mutton Snappers.  The Ballyhoo have been plentiful over the past few weeks along the reef and fairly easy to catch using the Ballyhoop.  Clients are having a blast catching Ballyhoo. I never thought I would see a little 12 year old boy hoop net up a bunch ballyhoo for me without breaking sweat!  That is how easy it is catch ballyhoo now.

Ballyhoo are the best bait for Snappers along reef this time of year.  The best is fresh dead, with numerous bonitos, barracudas, and pesky small king fish around around this spring the dead fresh ballyhoo allow us to dial in on our target species which is the Mutton Snappers.

If you are planning on coming to the Keys this summer with your own boat or if you plan on renting a boat, I highly recommend purchasing a Ballyhoop prior to your trip.

To get free shipping on a Ballyhoop call 305-676-9577. To get the free shipping offer you must mention Good Karma Sportfishing

Key Largo Reef and Wreck Fishing 

Over the past couple weeks clients have been having fun catching some delicious tasting Mutton Snapper, Red Groupers, Yellowtail Snappers, Yellow Eye Snappers, Vermilion Snappers Yellow Jacks and large African Pompanos.  I targeted large Yellowtail Snappers as well, catching numerous fish that were 25 inches to the tail.


Key Largo Dolphin Fishing

I did get a chance to venture offshore with new client that wanted to catch is first dolphin as always you have to be in it to win it when it comes to dolphin fishing. It took some hunting but I did find a few nice dolphin on this trip and some giant Triple Tails.

If the sea conditions are right we can do a little deep dropping offshore this summer season, it fun way to break up the day and catch some delicious tasting bottom fish.  If sea conditions allow, I will be dolphin fishing next week with clients that booked multiple day trips.

Multiple day charters allow us to target different types of fish over the course of 2 days. I also have a few full day charters booked which is what I recommend for the summer months as the fishing tends to slow down mid day then peak back up later in afternoon.

Key Largo June Fishing Outlook

I would recommend booking full day charters especially if you want to target dolphin. Nearshore the Yellowtail Snapper bite may slow down as it usually does this time of year, but not to worry the large Mangrove Snappers will replace the Yellowtail Snappers as well as the Mutton Snappers. The Red Grouper fishing should remain strong through the month of June as well as the Black Groupers.

Offshore the dolphin fishing should get better this month. My favorite month for targeting Dolphin offshore is June so I will be doing some dolphin fishing on nice days when I feel I can make the most of your charter fishing time putting you on dolphin rather than hunting them. Catching big Dolphin requires patience, putting in the time and luck!

We will start seeing a few Blue Marlin cruising through the Florida Keys this month.  Every year clients hook 1 or 2 Blue Marlin offshore while we are dolphin fishing during the the summer months.  We should also see a few smaller wahoo mixed in the dolphin this month as we usually do. During the month of June the wahoo seem to like to cruise with the school size dolphin. Triple Tails can be caught on floating debris offshore during the summer along with Wahoo.