How to deal with weather and have the best trip possible.

If you fish, you know weather can make or break your trip and overall experience. Why not do the best you can do with the tools that are out there? In this episode I am going to cover my overall experiences, weather systems, technology/tools and what I would recommend.

“April 19th Updated”

April is one of the windiest months in the Florida Keys. Below are the models I am currently using to predict the forecast. Included below is forecast Model for April 19, 2019. On this particular date we had late season “double cold front pass through”.

Why All the Late Season Cold Fronts in the South?

NOAA Forecast Update on April 11th: A weak El Nino is likely to continue through the Northern Hemisphere summer 2019 (65% chance) and possibly fall (50-55% chance). A Southern El Nino brings stronger frontal systems in the Caribbean Basin. 


Marine Forecast APPs and Websites Mentioned in the Podcast. I selected April 19th as forecast day example. 

My point of reference for the marine forecasting fishing charters is Alligator Reef Light. Alligator Reef Light which is located 4 nautical miles offshore along the reefs edge in the Florida Keys. 

  1. is a free  I use Islamorada as the wind station for the forecasting.
  2. I use and the Windalert App(Pro-Membership $9.99 per month) Free APP available through itunes store or google play store. The Pro-Membership provides a “real time” forecast at Alligator Reef Lighthouse( and many other weather tools for predicting the forecast. I do not use the Wave Ht. or Per(S). Has I have found these forecast to be wrong time and time again. Current Speed,Tide, Wind Direction and several other factors dictate how far waves are spaced out and because there is no accurate forecast for tidal/current speeds or direction the water moving outside the reef then I just ignore these portions of the forecast. Just know wind against tide can mean nasty sea conditions even on lighter wind days. Below are the examples of the Pro-Forecast I get daily with the paid membership. Here is the Pro Forecast for April 19, 2019.



Below is the Real Time Wind Windalert Live Forecast. This is another tool that I use.


  1. Bookmark the “Resource” page on our webpage for hourly wind reports from Molasses Reef located off the Key Largo. 
  2. NOAA Marine Forecast.


Inside the Reef Marine Forecast Model

Hawks Channel-Inside the Reef out to the Reefs Edge-It is 4-5 miles from Tavernier Creek to the Reefs Edge.

Beyond the Reef Marine Forecast NOAA Model

Upper Florida Keys(Key Largo,Tavernier and Islamorada)

Killer Weather Forecasting Products that I Recommend:

  1. GXM™ 53 ReceiverAdd SiriusXM Marine Weather and fishing info to Garmin Multifunction Displays using the GARMIN GXMTM53 Satellite Weather Receiver. Graphical information is overlaid directly on the charts. You can also add over 150 channels of SiriusXM Satellite radio to your subscription at a discount. I bought mine off the the current list Price: $634.95Note: I use Garmin products, but the other companies have their own marine weather receivers. Just visit SiriusXM for details.
  2. SiriusXM Marine Offshore Weather Package
    Includes all of the Coastal package features plus Offshore Sea Surface Temps, extended Weather, Wind and Wave Forecasts, US & Canadian Alerts.

Recommend Marine Mechanics in the Upper Florida Keys:

If you are located in the Upper Florida Keys and need an electronics installer I highly recommend contacting Scott and Virgil at D Boat Works @ 305-942-5848. I have been using D Boatworks for several years now. They offer the best in personalized service. Not to mention they call you back and they show up! (This is not a paid sponsor)