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In this podcast I reveal my secret  weedless Ballyhoo trolling rig for targeting dolphin, wahoo, marlin, sailfish and tuna.   Also I teach you how to set up your boat properly to run rigged ballyhoo set-up.  You must listen to the entire podcast to learn how to run this Ballyhoo rig correctly.

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*I am not getting paid for this endorsement, sponsored or receiving free clips by Balloon Fisher King. I promote products that work on my fishing charters and believe in supporting small business owners.

Check out the December 2018  Florida Sportsman Article featuring Good Karma Sportfishing using the Balloon Fisher King Clips.

Key Largo Fishing Grouper

Key Largo Black Grouper Caught Using Heavy Balloon Fisher King Clip as a Weight Carrier

To catch marlin, tuna, wahoo, and dolphin offshore I troll medium to large dead ballyhoo in the summer months.

Fishing with Movie Star Kyle Chandler

Hollywood Movie Star Kyle Chandler(Wolf of Wall Street, NBC Series Friday Night Lights and Netflix Blood) with his First ever Dolphin aboard Good Karma using the Weedless Good Karma Ballyhoo Rig

I have never been a fan of the standard “rubber worm” style weedless ballyhoo bait because the hook is not exposed and fish tend to spit this rigged ballyhoo 9 out of every 10 bites. So over the years I have learned how to adapt to the conditions by modifying my ballyhoo terminal tackle and set up my boat to keep my baits weedless(to the best of my ability)

How to rig a weedless ballyhoo

Bobby with a Nice Bull Caught on Good Karma Ballyhoo Rig


  • Ball Bearing Swivel-75 Pound Ball Bearing Swivels by Diamond
  • Leader Wire#7 Single Strand Wire
  • Hooks-Mustad Tarpon Hooks(7766-DT)-Sizes 7, 8 or 9-Select to the hook size to match the ballyhoo you are using.
  • Lure-SeaWitch
the best ballyhoo rig

Capt. Ryan with a Big Bull Caught on Good Karma Ballyhoo Rig

Construct the Leader:

Haywire-Twist a 12 inch length of No. 7 single-strand wire to a  *Mustad Tarpon Hook

*These hooks have slight curve towards the hooks eye, they catch less weed than the standard Mustad 3407-DT hook. These hooks are similar in style to the Southern Tuna Hook.

Connect to the mainline via *75# Ball Bearing Swivel by Diamond.

*It is absolutely essential that you run a high quality ball bearing swivel when trolling short wire leaders. This will prevent the wire from twisting over the coarse of the day. Learn from my mistakes.

Rig a the ballyhoo. Laying the wire rig alongside the bait, now visualize where the hook will protrude, then thread the ballyhoo onto the hook.

Why a Short Wire Leader?

Long leaders create drag in water resulting in your lures digging into the grass

Stealth as during the Summer Months, I will connect to large Marlin, big Tunas and Wahoo while fishing offshore. A short wire trace leader keeps my clients connected to large big game fish

Short Wire Rig Ballyhoo Leaders make an awesome skipping ballyhoo rig. Not only will this ballyhoo rig catch weeds, but it also runs nicely and my hookup percentage is high compared to the standard ballyhoo weedless rigs.  My wire rigs actually get me more bites than  monofilament or fluorocarbon leader rigs.

Learn more by listening this podcast. I reveal secrets and tips in the podcast. Also included in the podcast is the Good Karma Sportfishing insider fishing report from the Florida Keys and a report from Elliot London, owner of Bait Strips ( He runs out of the Hillsboro Inlet, FL. He has been catching some monster wahoo! 

How to rig a weedless ballyhoo

Rob with a Nice Bull he Caught on the Good Karma Ballyhoo Rig